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Myers Cocktail

Created by Dr. John Myers, a physician from Baltimore, Maryland who pioneered the use of intravenous (IV) vitamins and minerals as part of the overall treatment of various medical problems. The Myers Cocktail provides an energy boost and enhances your immune system. This popular cocktail, has benefited hundreds of thousands of people by infusing nutrients and vitamins that are essential to the human body intravenously.

Please let us know if you have are using Digoxin.

Immunity Booster Mixture

Are you feeling sick, tired, fatigue or having low energy? This mixture will help you fight any viral or bacterial infection by bolstering your immune system.

Available add-ons include: Toradol and Dexamethasone

The After-Party (a/k/a: Hangover Therapy)

Hangover symptoms include: headache, nausea, fatigue and anxiety, which are mainly due to dehydration. This is not only for people who are experiencing a hangover, but also for those who are having an upset stomach or jet lag. This mixture has the answer for your nausea/heartburn/aches and pains that will not only rehydrate your body but also decrease your body’s inflammation. Our hydration therapy infuses the body with electrolytes and custom vitamins and minerals to restore you to optimal health.

Pain Free Mixture “Migraine and Pain Mixture”

Having pain is no joke! This cocktail is effective in relieving aches and pains associated with migraine, joint pain, muscle pain, dental pain, menstrual cramps, PMS and stress.

Energy Mixture “Ironman” or “Mom’s Best Friend”

Do you need to keep going? Not enough hours in a day? Having a hectic 24/7 lifestyle, working or playing long hours, exercising, big race or competition, studying, mood or needing to be a “SUPER MOM/DAD/DAUGHTER/SON”, this is your answer.

Cinderella Glow-Up

Do you want your beauty to stand out? This will help you to restore your baby skin by restoring your Collagen, improves nail and healthier skin. Cinderella Glow Up will help you look young and fresh with the higher dose of Glutathione.

Forever 20 or Anti-Aging Mix

Do you want to look younger than your real age? Who doesn’t? This will help you look younger and have the energy that you once have. With the combination of Biotin, Glutathione and Alpha-Lipoic Acid you will get the age defying antioxidant that everybody wanted.

Hydrate Me

Do you feel like you’re not drinking as much and feeling dehydrated? Re-hydrate with a bag of IV  fluids without the added vitamins, nutrients or minerals. 


Click below on “Book an Appointment” icon to book an appointment and see prices for the menu listed below.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid Injection

ALA 250mg in a 250ml bag of fluids~ infuse over 30 minutes Increase to 500mg when needed. 

Powerful antioxidant  that helps with neuropathy, improves skin,  increase metabolism, boost energy and decrease inflammation.

Vitamin B12 Shot

Vital compound for cell division and growth, cell metabolism, nerve function and the production of healthy DNA. This will give you energy and mental clarity.

Vitamin D Shot

Plays a key role in Calicum absorption, improves immune system and bone health. inhibit cancer growth and helps prevent fracture.

Lipo B Injection (a/k/a: Skinny Shot)

It helps facilitate the burning of adipose tissue within the human body.

Lipo C Injection

This will increase metabolic processes and create a greater feeling of overall energy.


This will decrease inflammation, pain and allergic reaction.


Do you feel Nauseated? This will give you instant relief thru IM injection


Having pain? This will give you instant pain relief via IM injection. Toradol is an anti-inflammatory drug.